How do I see previous versions of Mojo's posts?

We all know Mojo can be slightly redundant when she gets on a roll. She can repeat herself ad nauseum. I think she just likes to hear herself talk, the way she rambles on and on, saying the same thing over and over again until you just want to kill yourself.

And yet, some twisted people can't get enough of it. And Mojo has heard your pleas for More Of The Same. So Mojo has made her revisons available to a certain class of people. Subscribers (you ARE a subscriber, aren't you?) can see the various revisions of Crap descriptions and blog posts by hitting the "diff" button on the page.

Privately Mojo can't imagine why the average sane person would want to do this. But she figures the odd serious writing student may be interested in seeing what Mojo changes in her posts, since Mojo is a savage editor when it comes to her writing. (Yes, she actually IS!)

So enjoy this glimpse into Mojo's mushy goo scientists call "her brain". (Though privately I suspect it's really just some leftover Jell-O shots from a frat party. Mojo is uncharacteristically mum on this point.)