Ceramic Duck Sponge Holder!

Weird ceramic duck sponge holder thingie


Okay, so I think we've determined I'm not the greatest housekeeper out there. But hey—even if I may be the anti-Martha I can still spot useless crap at a hundred yards. This is one of those things.

I suppose if you like little ceramic duckies you will like this. But a scrubber sponge the size of a postage stamp? Um, when I make a mess, it's not a dainty little thing that requires a swipe with a tiny thing like that. Think more along the lines of "open gallon of paint being flung about the room by an angry gorilla".

This thing sort of speaks for itself. What can you say about it? It's a duck. The whole thing is about four or five inches long. The sponge is maybe three inches by two inches--I'm being generous, here. It was made by the Hermitage Pottery, copyright 1992. It was made in China. It's PT 937, whatever that means. At some point they were charging $6.97 for it. It is encased in a rather dusty plastic bag tied off with a kicky blue ribbon.

Someone put an awful lot of thought into this baby. Sadly, I did not take the hint, and pass it on to you, the unsuspecting Ebay public. So maybe some tiny-handed dainty-mess-making duck lover out there would like it. Take it--it's yours!