Vintage Montgomery Ward Hairdryer!

(My suspicion--or perhaps my INTUITION?--is that this little number will prove to be the Schick Razor of 2006. Just a feeling. Prove me wrong!)

I was cleaning house the other day (this whole anecdote, unfortunately, kinda demonstrates just how often I clean house) when I came across this leatherette pouch. We've moved it around from house to house through the years. I always thought it was some grooming utensil my husband kept but when I finally questioned him he didn't know—he thought it was mine. Looking at it I had no idea what in heck 'n' tarnation this thing was, but since it had a power cord I decided to follow my impulse to plug it in and see if the house blows up.

Luckily for me it didn't ... and this thing works ... and turns out it's a hair dryer. It's got two speeds—ON and OFF. It's a WARDS SIGNATURE Model number 53 9342, made in Japan. There's some metal clips inside the business end that seems to indicate it once had attachments—probably a comb and/or a brush—but none of them exist anymore. It's interesting in a retro kind of way. If you have any need to blow a bunch of hot air at someone here is an alternative to just talking.

It measures about five inches by four inches, and comes with the original lovely leatherette case. Win this auction, and maybe thirty or forty years from now you too will be cleaning your house and suddenly saying, "What on earth is THIS?"