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Serendipity, Mojo-Style

So Mojo recently rented the David Tennant Hamlet from Netflix (yes, Mojo is a Hamlet weenie who watches 'em all--even the laughably bad Gibson one) but she hasn't watched it yet. She is TOTALLY looking forward to it, since Patrick Stewart plays Claudius, as he did in my all-time favorite Hamlet, the Derek Jacobi one. The Derek Jacobi one is just great, since Mojo luvs her Derek Jacobi as well as her Patrick Stewart, and if you haven't seen it you should watch it just to watch Stewart/Claudius at the end deliver the "Gertrude, do not drink" line. Most of the time that line is screamed in panic, but Stewart reads it sooooo low-key I could just about back it up and watch it all day.

But yesterday I was listening to the Simpsons DVD commentary on a random disc of a random Simpsons I just shut my eyes and pulled out of the pile. Which turned out to be Season 13, and the disc had on it THEIR Hamlet take, surprise, surprise. Which I just love, although I'm not sure if I like the line "NObody out-crazies Ophelia" or Gertrude's "No way I'm cleaning up this mess" at the end. Or the Ghostbusters dance. I'd say you really have to see it to appreciate it, although there really is no explaining the Ghostbusters reference. Hell, in honor of SOPA and PIPA I'll show it to you, until YouTube wises up and takes it down for its obvious piracy. You can imagine yourself taking the food right out of Rupert Murdoch's mouth as you watch this:



Anyway, I'm listening to the DVD commentary--although I don't remember if it was for this Hamlet one or another show on during that season, for I just listen to the whole DVD while I'm doing More Important Stuff--and they have James Lipton on; the guy from Inside the Actors Studio. He did a cameo for one of the shows--he interviews Ranier Wolfcastle, who proves to be just a horrible actor (another surprise)--and he also did a very famous Inside the Actors Studio with the entire cast of the Simpsons, which gives you a rare glimpse at the people doing the voices. Anyway, during all the name-dropping and whatnot, Lipton mentions that he ran into David Tennant, and Tennant told him that before they filmed their new Hamlet, the director made them all sit and watch the Simpsons' Hamlet. Which I thought was very funny. And makes me want to watch it even more.

(And no, Mojo is *NOT* a Doctor Who fan. I know of David Tennant's connection only because someone over at Cheezburger is and the celebrity LOLs are chock full of Doctor Who/David Tennant references. Which I'm sure make Doctor Who fans chuckle in appreciation, but Mojo just skips on to the next picture and just sort of idly wishes it won't be another Doctor Who joke. Because nothing against those who ARE fans, but I never got into it one way or another, and so I don't get the jokes, so I just find them tiring and confusing, and there's way too many of them. But I digress.)

Anyway, the Favorite Husband is gone until Saturday, so Mojo's curling up with some nice family-style violence, compliments of Shakespeare and Patrick Stewart. Yay!



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