Dissecting My Palm...

Well, I did it. I opened it in my bathroom (which has the clothes dryer in it, to ensure Optimum Lint). I used my iron on the lowest setting and heated up the back until it was too hot to touch. I then pried it open with a nail file. But once inside I switched implements to the more delicate touch of a jackknife screwdriver.

Thank Heavens.....

I was writing up my description of the Craptacular, comparing it to various home shopping networks, except that I make fun of the merchandise and there's no D-list ex-celebrities squeezing the last few seconds of fame from their allotted 15 minutes. And then it occurred to me....

Thank HEAVEN Andy Warhol had the good sense to only allot 15 minutes to such people. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was given, say, twenty years. I mean, TWENTY YEARS OF PARIS HILTON? Kill me now!

Repairing My Palm

I've been researching how to repair my Palm Vx which has been nothing but a paperweight for about a year. It doesn't hold a charge, so I suspected I needed a new battery. So I order a new battery and start looking to see how to open it up to replace it. (I just ordered it today so I have some time to figure it out.)


Tomorrow we get Princess Wigglebutt, aka "Katie", the Weasel's dog. They are going on a trip out west and we get to dogsit. I think it will be good for Rosie to have some competition. It will also be good for her to socialize with an older dog who will put her in her place if she gets too obnoxious.

Katie is a very nice, very well behaved Lab mix. If you annoy her too much she has a very theatrical but totally harmless lightning-fast snarl-and-snap which I think Rosie needs to experience.

Both dogs are "only" dogs who live with cats. So it will be interesting to see how they get along with another dog...

Another Craptacular come and gone....

Another successful Craptacular. My Favorite Older Sister (who I should revere and respect as my elder, though I still question the "wisdom" of making certain younger siblings eat dirt when they were children) sez I should do this every day--just put up one or two things every day. Sort of like a daily newspaper column.

It's a fun idea, but I'm afraid I would ultimately burn out doing it every day. But maybe I will explore and see how much work it would be.

Plus, I'd need to get access to more crap, because I would run out in a short period of time. So unless people want to submit their own crap, the Craptacular would be extremely short-lived. I'll have to see how to continue it past my own stuff....

Have you seen this?

I've been researching advergaming because I'm so bored. I ran across this--they consider it a 'classic'. It IS addictive for a while--the Dyson vacuum cleaner telescope game.

I got up to level 25 without too much difficulty, but then stayed at 25 for several hours before I figured it out. One of those driving down the road "AHA!" moments. And then after it's so freakin' easy you decide you must be even stupider than you imagined for not getting it earlier.


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