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Q: Where's Mojo?

A: She's busy. Can't you leave her alone for two seconds? She has a new kitty, she's working hard on stuff, fall is arriving and she has yet to get any firewood, and now poor Rosie has officially become Ugly Lumpy-Nose, due to a histiocytoma that suddenly erupted on her nose. Vet says it will go away on its own in a month or two, but in the meantime, on top of her many other concerns and responsibilites, Mojo is further burdened with One Ugly Dog!


Ugly Lumpy Nose

Mojo's Bloggity Laziness...

Yeah, okay, short holiday weekend, blah blah blah. Still, you'd think Mojo would get off her duff and do something constructive. Not that blogging's all that constructive, but it at least perpetuates the pretense that Mojo is busy doing exciting things and not watching reruns of South Park. (Which we all know she can't, since she doesn't have cable.)

But what I CAN watch is YouTube videos. Especially if they involve Jane Lynch, who Mojo enjoys very much. We've both admired her for many a year, although we always knew her as "oh, there's that funny lady again". We didn't look up who she was until after watching Best In Show or A Mighty Wind. Anyway, Jane was married this weekend at the Blue Heron in Sunderland--why? Because for all its many faults the state of Mass is still the most gay-friendly state in the union, and besides which the Blue Heron is an awesomely good restaurant--and while Mojo is not really a celebrity stalker or fawner or gossip-lover or much of anything besides "who's THAT, again?" I did come across this video of her being interviewed by Katie Couric. And she comes across as the totally charming type that you'd like to have as your next door neighbor.

Ironically, despite my claim that I am a longtime fan, I have never once saw a single episode of Glee. I suspect because it's on too late, and I never got in the habit of taping it, and now that it's popular it's Too Late Now. Along those same lines, I've never once seen Betty White in Golden Girls. So there. Try to have a good weekend, anyway.


A Brief Vacation....

So many years ago, Mojo bought a tea plant. A real, honest-to-gosh, pluck-a-leaf-and-throw-it-in-boiling-water Camellia sinensis sort of plant. It was all part of her continuing quest for self-reliance and self-sufficiency; she thought maybe if she could have a personal source to supply her caffeine addiction it would be better than relying on The Man.

Dagnabbit, Redux

EVERY FREAKIN' TIME I am on the verge of uploading the first Craptacular item, something comes up. And so, rather than making people sit through a series of technical glitches, I am pulling the first item altogether, and concentrate on the February item. Hopefully by THEN things will have sorted themselves out...


One Reason Why Mojo Is the Happiest Girl in the World

So that people don't think I spend ALL my life complaining, I'll just report this little tidbit to make up for the scads and scads of whines.

The other day I went down into the basement to feed Ratty Cat and scoop out the litterbox. (What, you say, so this is the best Mojo can do for a non-complaint? To which I say: Wait for it. It's coming.)

The other day I went down into the basement to feed Ratty Cat and scoop out the litterbox. And while I was down there, I decided, just for ha=has, to check the level on the oil tank.


So today is ITLP Day. Notice how cunning Mojo used initials to confound her enemies. Mostly because Mojo's enemies ain't too bright. And Mojo, as we all know, is lazy.

Anyway, I am somewhat disappointed waking up today because my Pirate Filter hasn't kicked in yet. Some of this MIGHT be because the server where this site sits is some free fowsand miles away from where Mojo sits drinking her coffee and chocolate morning treat while typing.

Last year I forgot I had the filter installed and had like a ten-second freakout trying to determine what was wrong with the site.


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