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My Horrible Accident

It's very hard to type right now, 'cuz my right thumb is bandaged and I'm still on the woozy side. But despite my best intentions I can no longer do WORK, so I figure blogging is the next best way to waste time.


Well. Go figure. For the first time ever in my life, as of today I'm unemployed.

Naturally, I've been seeing this coming for at least a year, since things at PCI were so financially dodgy (YOU try marketing world peace during a war!), so in a way it's a relief.

Still, even when you totally expect it, it's still a shock. And I am surprised at just how much utter rejection I ultimately felt. And when I called Mom to tell her, the first thing she said was, "You're still going to the Ellen DeGeneres taping, aren't you?"

Yes, Mom. I'm still going. Sigh.


Found it!

Here's the Leaning Tower of Pisa parody, courtesy of the Nielson Hayden site. I think it's absolutely hysterical, but it's NOT family-friendly, for those of you who may object to strong language.

Dear, dear, dear.

This has no doubt been totally blogged to death, but what the hey.

There's a truism in the publishing industry that says an author should never, ever EVER respond to a bad review. And yet there is always someone (like me, for example!) who somehow thinks rules don't apply to them. But this rule in particular makes sense. At the very best, responding to a negative review only makes you look pissy and defensive. Worst case scenario, it's like driving past a car wreck--you don't want to look at such a public meltdown, but you just can't help it....


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