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Craptacular Revisited

I've been working on the product descriptions for my Holiday Craptacular. I'm almost done. I hope people take it in the spirit it is intended, but who knows. Like Bette Midler says about people who can't take a joke. Still I rather hope morons who don't get it don't start lecturing me. Oooooh, yes, please, random stranger, I've been just WAITING for you to stop by and lecture me so I can change my life to suit your preferences!

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Finished up the Olmstead video. I'm getting quite good at Final Cut Pro. And I must admit I'm an absolute whiz at Flash animations. Still it took most of yesterday to prepare it for today's meeting. So I've been busy.

And Wednesday I was in NYC all day for a producers' meeting. End result: let's take the website up a notch. Translation: more work for Mojo. It keeps me out of trouble, I guess.

My Holiday Craptacular.

I've decided as a fundraising effort I will put all the crap I got for Christmas up on Ebay. And I got a lot of crap. Let's see what happens....

On a happier note, Sutton was on the Today Show yesterday. She sang "Astonishing". It was a nice little interview. She's one of those rare celebs who takes her role modeling very seriously--she's an awfully nice person, in addition to being impossibly talented. Luckily she is so nice, or I should have to kill her.

I must finish up the Olmstead video today. Get to work!


Happy New Year!

I've been busy with holiday stuff, culminating in my traditional I-think-I'm-gonna-die Christmas cold. (One of these days I'd like to celebrate the season without getting sick.) Things are looking up, now, only a week later.... I might live to see the new year, after all.

Let's hope this upcoming year is better than the last!


He's Baaaaack.....

The thermometer seems perpetually frozen in the teens this morning, but my fox is back, curled up under the pines, fast asleep. I don't know how wild animals survive in these temperatures. He wasn't there early in the morning, but once the sun was well up, somewhere in the seven-to-eight a.m. range, I spied that now-familiar ball of fur under the trees. He's curled up much tighter than usual, but snoring pleasantly away in the sun.

Words of Wisdom.

I was going through an old journal last night and, found these words of wisdom I wrote during a particularly low point. I offer them now to those who might be going through a similar rough patch, to inspire you and lead you to greatness.

"When one door closes, another either opens or you are trapped to die a slow miserable death."


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